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Craighouse: Call-in with simple sample letter. Spread the word to everyone you know

Please support and spread the word. Click on this link!  

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Last few days to save Craighouse – 4th July deadline (this Friday)

QUICK HOW TO OBJECT: Object to Excessive “Scheme 3″  (Ref No: 12/04007/SCH3) and include your name and address. Include at least one material planning objection and anything else you want to say. For more on How to Object and an … Continue reading

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Scheme 3: The latest proposals

We have been through the latest proposals for Craighouse, “Scheme 3” it is called, in quite a lot of detail and can now bring you a summary and some images. How does Scheme 3 differ to Scheme 2? Remember, schemes … Continue reading

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Quick update on Craighouse “Scheme 3”

The Craighouse Partnership have submitted some new plans for Craighouse. The files are still being uploaded to the planning “portal”, here. There are very few pictures of the new scheme, so it’s hard to see what the buildings at the … Continue reading

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Craighouse architects, Oberlanders, still struggling to produce suitable plans for the site

It seems the right time to question the whole approach of the current team of consultants putting together the Craighouse applications. The current approach is clearly not working. The financial case put forward by Mountgrange and their consultants claims that … Continue reading

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Craighouse Partnership pulls scheme 2 before planning report could be published

Last week, Scheme 2 was pulled just 3 weeks before the planning committee were to decide on it. The planning department was inundated with rejections – it is believed even more than last year which was already a record for … Continue reading

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Urgent: Form to send in about Biodiversity protection by 5pm this Friday (14th June)

After discovering yesterday that the planners are proposing to remove large parts of Craighouse from the Biodiversity Site protection, we have filled in the form you need to send in (see below). A wildlife survey shows the sections removed as … Continue reading

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The Cockburn’s detailed objection to the enabling development argument at Craighouse

The Cockburn Association has allowed us to publish their extremely extensive and well-written objection to the enabling development argument for the Craighouse planning application. The letter specifically emphasizes the official guidance that the council planners are following on enabling development, … Continue reading

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Other News: Application to Renew Old Caltongate Plans and Demolition/Partial Demolition of Listed Buildings

This is not about Craighouse but we have been asked to inform people about what is happening over Mountgrange’s notorious plans for Caltongate in the Old Town. The old consents are up for renewal by the new owner of the … Continue reading

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Letter from planners to the developer

The council planners have written a formal letter to the developers and posted it on the council’s planning portal. To make it easier to access (because the portal is a little unreliable) we have copied it here for you to … Continue reading

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