Is Craighouse being bought by Quartermile developer?

Companies recently registered at Companies House have the Craighouse name in them. Could it be that Craighouse is being bought by the owner of Quartermile, property investor, Moorfield? The company names imply that it is the “MREF III” Fund by Moorfield that is buying Craighouse, which is the same fund that owns Quartermile.

We have talked about Quartermile (the development of the old Royal Edinburgh Hospital) several times before as the A-Listed Surgical Block at Quartermile has been left undeveloped for 15 years since it was sold in 2001. At the end of last year, the Surgical Block was sold to Edinburgh University. It is Edinburgh University that will do the conversion work of the surgical hospital. The clear question coming from this story is: if converting to housing didn’t save the main A listed buildings at Quartermile, why try to do that at Craighouse? The Quartermile development had gone through a series of owners, bailouts and sales. £500m of debt was written off when the publicly bailed-out bank Lloyds took over Quartermile’s owner, Gladedale, in 2009.

We will give you more information when we have it.

The companies created in June naming Craighouse are are:

1)  Craighouse Developments One Ltd
2)  Craighouse Developments Two Ltd
3)  Craighouse Developments Three Ltd
4)  CH Edinburgh Holdings Ltd
5)  CH Edinburgh Ltd
6)  Mref Iii BG Craighouse Ltd

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A local group wanting to preserve the beautiful Craighouse Campus site in Edinburgh.
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