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A local group wanting to preserve the beautiful Craighouse Campus site in Edinburgh.

Council elections: 4th May. Reminder of how councillors voted

The Council elections are coming up on 4th May (remember to register to vote). These local elections will elect people who will represent all of us in our communities going forward. Whilst national politics dominate the headlines, these are not … Continue reading

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Is Craighouse being bought by Quartermile developer?

Companies recently registered at Companies House have the Craighouse name in them. Could it be that Craighouse is being bought by the owner of Quartermile, property investor, Moorfield? The company names imply that it is the “MREF III” Fund by … Continue reading

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Object to the demolitions of parts of A Listed buildings at Craighouse: Deadline 3rd June.

The Craighouse planning consent was supposed to save the listed buildings, but instead all that is being proposed right now is yet more demolitions. Yet again, we are being asked to object to the planning department to stop further destruction … Continue reading

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Why is Scotland’s Finance Minister, John Swinney, so keen to hide what he did in May 2013?

The Scottish Government are claiming that Scotland doesn’t need regulation of the lobbying industry because it already releases all meetings that Scottish Ministers have, including with lobbyists. Except that in the Craighouse case, they haven’t. You may remember that after … Continue reading

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The difficulties of recovering debts from networks of UK & offshore companies or their directors

It has recently become much easier for the public to find out about company and director finances because Companies House have made access to their companies database free. This is the government database of the public records of businesses in … Continue reading

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Craighouse for sale? – Website created even before Hearing

There have been rumours for some weeks that Craighouse is for sale. We have found the following website. But in order to find out more, it is necessary to sign a non-disclosure-agreement. Rettie, named on the site, is the estate … Continue reading

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The secret meetings that doomed Craighouse? – No Agendas, No Minutes, No Notes !

There has recently been a change of First Minister and also of the minister responsible for planning. The new minister, Marco Biagi, also has a different title, “Minister for Local Government & Community Empowerment”. We are hopeful that the new … Continue reading

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Convenor Ian Perry blocked committee members hearing arguments against Craighouse financial case

Planners and councillors voting for the Craighouse planning consent said they did so because it was the “minimum necessary to fund the long term future use of the category A listed buildings”. However, they had so little confidence in their … Continue reading

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Another Mountgrange company financially collapses

This month, another Mountgrange company collapsed financially. Mountgrange UK Ltd was put into voluntary liquidation because “it has been proved to the satisfaction of this meeting that the Company cannot, by reason of its liabilities, continue its business”. Duff and … Continue reading

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What next for Craighouse?

Our local politicians have failed to convince those in their own parties in power that they should support the community and not an off-shore tax-avoiding property speculator. They have failed to ensure that officials follow their own planning rules, policies … Continue reading

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