Edinburgh Rugby moving to Myreside with hardly any travel plan in place

Edinburgh Rugby have submitted a planning application to move their matches to the Watsons ground on Myreside, with 4,500 spectators expected. The deadline for comments is Friday 4th November. A blog by a group objecting to the proposals has started here.

Here is a picture from the proposals:


The planning application is available at this link: https://citydev-portal.edinburgh.gov.uk/idoxpa-web/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=documents&keyVal=OEBLLGEWKCB00

If you click on the link above, you can read the documents and submit comments or objections (see bottom of this post for a sample objection and instructions).

It is not clear how 4,500 spectators can get to Myreside. There isn’t much public transport and very little parking (just 26 spaces on the picture above). The planning application is a little vague on transport, apart from park-and ride for 600 cars, although their own survey of spectators says less than 1% of people expect to use it.

Edinburgh Rugby provide a survey of their own spectators saying how many people expect to come by driving their own car to the stadium (35%, or 1,575 cars if there are 4,500 spectators) and how many expect to use the park-and-ride (7 out of 817 people, or 38 drivers out of 4,500 spectators). 34% planned on coming by bus, or 1,530 people out of 4,500 spectators) but there is only one bus that goes past the ground: the 38, with a few more such as the 23 and 27 going reasonably nearby. This also ignores the fact that there is a hospital right next to the site, with major construction and roadworks still on-going.

Here are the transport proposals from the planning application:

Transport Proposals
A number of transport proposals would be implemented to support the relocation as follows:

  • A bus Park & Ride facility at Edinburgh Napier University Craiglockhart campus for the use of Edinburgh Rugby season ticket holders. This will provide approximately 200 parking spaces;
  • A bus Park & Ride facility at BT Murrayfield stadium for the exclusive use of Edinburgh Rugby spectators, this will accommodate approximately 400 parking spaces;
  • Parking at the nearby Edinburgh Clinic on Colinton Road for corporate hospitality (approximately 50 spaces);
  • Ongoing discussions with local taxi firms with respect to potential discounted fares;
  • Ongoing discussions with Lothian Buses on opportunities;
  • A Travel Plan leaflet available to supporters providing options on travel choice;
  • Consideration of personalised travel planning for supporters;
  • Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders on streets surrounding the stadium to control on-street parking and to maintain local access and safety during matches.

It is very hard for us to see how this is a workable travel plan for the site.

Here is a map of the proposals:


And here is another image:


If you want to object, here is a template objection. You can email it to the case officer: jennifer.zochowska@edinburgh.gov.uk or you can register directly on the planning portal.

Planning application ref: 16/04715/FUL
put your name and address

Edinburgh Rugby anticipates crowds of between 4500 and 5500 people (this is contrary to Local development Plan policy TRA1). The proposal details parking solutions for only 600 vehicles across two locations. The park and ride solution for 200 cars at Edinburgh Napier University Craiglockhart campus is proposed for season
ticket holders use only. A third site is for 50 corporate hospitality guests only. The proposal offers no real alternative to the use of cars. This is contrary to Local Development Plan DES 7.

The proposal requires the post-match closure of Myreside Road, a busy residential street which provides access to a hospital and is a main artery for buses and emergency ambulances in the west of the city.

It will take much longer than the stated 15 minutes to clear the anticipated 5,500 supporters at the end of each match – particularly where it is anticipated that the majority of supporters will not be traveling by car.

The disruption caused by noise and traffic for the five hours associated with each home game will have a materially detrimental effect on the living conditions of nearby residents. This is contrary to Local Development Plan HOU7.

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1 Response to Edinburgh Rugby moving to Myreside with hardly any travel plan in place

  1. Bob Binning says:

    Looking forward to attending the matches.

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