Summer, dandelions and fundraising plans

dandelion photo craighouseSummer? Is it? Is it? We’re all hoping so (it is June, after all) but the recent rain and wind might make you think otherwise. Still, whatever the weather, the site continues to inspire and we’ve been sent this gorgeous photo of a dandelion in the breeze taken by Lauryn Hartree (15). A beautiful photo that suggests nature, transience and time passing (not to mention blustery weather). Thank you so much! A real photographic talent in the making.

We’ve also been hearing exciting stories of people’s fundraising. Last week a fantastic harp evening with well-known harpist Mary McMaster was organised by the lovely and tireless Tana for local residents. Just the kind of imaginative idea that brings the community together. Thank you all who took part – and thank you so much everyone who has contributed to the Craighouse Fighting Fund so far. It’s very much appreciated. Keep sharing and spreading the word.

With other ideas for fundraising in the air – we hope that Craighouse in summer will continue to inspire, so the site can be saved and meet its full potential for the future.

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