Protest in Photos

Please do check out our recent post on our letter of complaint about the developers’ handling of the consultation process. But now, I promised to write a post about Sunday and the protest and photoshoot.

The day started off with ominous clouds gathered in the sky. We kept nervously looking out of the window wondering if the whole thing would be rained off. Or whether some of our older supporters and youngsters, who wanted to come, would be able to come if the weather was torrential.

At twenty to two, I set off, meeting one neighbour who I had never even spoken to about the campaign, already setting off up the hill. I arrived at Craighouse to see a couple of people playing with dogs. Would people turn up?

Then, after about 10 minutes of agony…this:

People start to arrive

Then this:

...and more people....

And this:

...and yet more people

Kids turned up with banners and placards they made:

And soon the crowd looked more like this:

A lot of people

We lined up for an Evening News photo to show we meant business!

Rosy doing her Braveheart bit

The elected representatives joined us in the orchard. (To think the developers want to build 3-storey newbuild across this fabulous place!)

Councillor Paul Godzik, Green Spokesperson for Meadows and Morningside Melanie Main, MSP and Councillor Alison Johnstone and MSP Jim Eadie join us

In this photo are Councillor Paul Godzik (Labour), Rosy for the Friends, Councillor and MSP Alison Johnstone (Green), and Jim Eadie MSP (SNP)

And at last we managed to get the photos we had come for- to show the beautiful site, the love we all have for it, not to mention some rather fantastic signage.

Click on this image to see the spectacular view and this beautiful site

We love Craighouse!

Three cheers for everyone who came out on Sunday! And thank you all. It was a fabulous day and a wonderful show of support. We must preserve this historic green space for the local community and for the people of Edinburgh and I think these photos show you just why it’s so special.