Woodland clearance work at Craighouse

Woodland clearance work at Craighouse has started and it isn’t pretty. We had expected that before such works had started the council would ensure that proper protections for drainage, flooding and wildlife would be in place. All we hear is of delays to drainage plans and silence on tree protection and wildlife protection. We have asked several times, but received no replies at all. We will let you know if we hear anything, but in the meantime we encourage you to contact your local councillors.

Woodland cleared by front entrance to the site

Woodland cleared by front entrance to the site

Mountgrange’s previous developments, such as Caltongate, were left in a state like this for years. The site is now managed under Mountgrange’s new name, “Clearbell”, where it is described as “Residential Development Land”. We assume the new name, Clearbell, is to disassociate themselves with the past financial failures of Mountgrange, but the same staff are involved just transferred to the new company.

Are Sundial still involved in the project? We asked William Gray Muir, but he refused to answer. Susan Davison, who worked for Sundial during the Craighouse project is now back working for Clearbell, having previously worked for Mountgrange during the Caltongate years.

Woodland clearance at the top of Craiglea Place

Woodland clearance at the top of Craiglea Place

It’s very sad to see such beautiful places wrecked like this. The community is very upset.

There are signs saying this is just for invasive species, but the pictures show the work is woodland clearance.


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2 Responses to Woodland clearance work at Craighouse

  1. Fiona says:

    I phoned planning dept and spoke to Emma Wilson. She referred me to 12/04007/SCH3
    She also said if there were any breaches re tree removal, then a formal complaint would need to be lodged in writing and their enforcement officer would inspect the area (in due course)!

  2. friendsofcraighouse@yahoo.com says:

    Vandalising private property? (Why do you think it is acceptable to write on other people’s signs?). I really think you need to get jobs and stop sponging off child benefits and your husbands!

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