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The curse of Craighouse strikes again: Another company collapses

Land Engineering Limited, a company working on the Craighouse development, has gone into adminstration, according to the Broughton Spurtle. More from the BBC here. There were 139 jobs lost, but the Craighouse project contract is said to have been acquired … Continue reading

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Edinburgh Rugby moving to Myreside with hardly any travel plan in place

Edinburgh Rugby have submitted a planning application to move their matches to the Watsons ground on Myreside, with 4,500 spectators expected. The deadline for comments is Friday 4th November. A blog by a group objecting to the proposals has started … Continue reading

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Removal of gates and chimney at Craighouse

There is a new planning application at Craighouse to remove the gates by the lodge and reduce the size of a chimney (for “safety”). We are still investigating. Here is the main planning application: Here is the Listed Building … Continue reading

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Woodland clearance work at Craighouse

Woodland clearance work at Craighouse has started and it isn’t pretty. We had expected that before such works had started the council would ensure that proper protections for drainage, flooding and wildlife would be in place. All we hear is … Continue reading

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Decision not to take Judicial Review forwards – for now

For those not on our email list or following us on Facebook, you may not have heard that, we made the difficult decision to withdraw our current Judicial Review petition before the Protected Expenses Order Hearing. We had been told … Continue reading

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Craighouse Judicial Review fighting fund reaches £5,146

Thank you to everyone has donated so far! We are now well over half way to our first fundraising goal.

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Craighouse Judicial Review fundraising update

We have now raised £3,250! Donations information here.

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Evening News: “Craighouse ‘sham’ property value claims”

New revelations in the Evening News today. You can now donate to our campaign to take the financial claims and secret meetings to judicial review.

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Craighouse Audit Report finally released! But nowhere near the “fully audited” claimed

After years of arguing over the “audit” of the Craighouse figures, it has finally been released on the Edinburgh council website, months after the decision. But instead of backing up the claim by the council that the Craighouse proposals were … Continue reading

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Commercial lobbying ethics and responsibilities, why the industry needs proper regulation

Today, the Scottish Parliament will debate the regulation of the lobbying industry. Unethical lobbying leads to bad government. By providing inaccurate or untrue information to officials or politicians, bad decisions are made. It also locks communities and the public out … Continue reading

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