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The curse of Craighouse strikes again: Another company collapses

Land Engineering Limited, a company working on the Craighouse development, has gone into adminstration, according to the Broughton Spurtle. More from the BBC here. There were 139 jobs lost, but the Craighouse project contract is said to have been acquired … Continue reading

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New Information Could Call it into Question The granting of planning permission for the new build at Craighouse depended completely on a “conservation deficit” existing i.e. that they would not make enough profit from developing only the existing buildings without … Continue reading

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The difficulties of recovering debts from networks of UK & offshore companies or their directors

It has recently become much easier for the public to find out about company and director finances because Companies House have made access to their companies database free. This is the government database of the public records of businesses in … Continue reading

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The Enabling Development Case at Craighouse: The story of the deficient deficit

We were sent the following article by Nick Honhold, who has been analysing the Craighouse Partnership’s enabling development case. The developers have finally admitted, after years of stating otherwise, that the existing listed buildings on the site are indeed profitable … Continue reading

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The Cockburn’s detailed objection to the enabling development argument at Craighouse

The Cockburn Association has allowed us to publish their extremely extensive and well-written objection to the enabling development argument for the Craighouse planning application. The letter specifically emphasizes the official guidance that the council planners are following on enabling development, … Continue reading

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What is going on with the Figures? Application shows New-Build Making a Loss?

It has been said many times over this development that the new-build is there to subsidize the old. So why, when we see the scant figures* provided by the Craighouse Partnership in their application, is the new-build actually LOSS-MAKING? How, … Continue reading

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Craighouse Listed Buildings are Profitable, Application Proves us Right

Finance is the watchword that has come up again and again at Craighouse. It can be hard drilling down into figures. People who don’t feel confident with them can switch off or – worse – take everything the developers say … Continue reading

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