Craighouse for sale? – Website created even before Hearing

There have been rumours for some weeks that Craighouse is for sale. We have found the following website. But in order to find out more, it is necessary to sign a non-disclosure-agreement. Rettie, named on the site, is the estate agent that advised Mountgrange when acquiring Craighouse in the first place.

Web page about Craighouse

Web page about Craighouse

Obtaining any information from the website requires signing an NDA (“Non Disclosure Agreement”) a contract that, in this case, requires anyone interested in finding out more to agree to not disclose “any mention of the involvement of the Company [Mountgrange] in this transaction”.

Website set up before the planning Hearing

This website was set up on 26th August 2014, a week before the planning hearing to decide on the planning consent. The site was setup and run by EstateCreate, a company that sets up “data rooms” to “sell property faster”.

From many we have spoken to, there is scepticism of who would buy a site with a highly controversial planning consent, with a strong likelihood of judicial review, an unresolved drainage problem and unresolved protected wildlife issues.

We will keep you posted when we are able to tell you more.


About friendsofcraighouse

A local group wanting to preserve the beautiful Craighouse Campus site in Edinburgh.
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