Urgent: Form to send in about Biodiversity protection by 5pm this Friday (14th June)

After discovering yesterday that the planners are proposing to remove large parts of Craighouse from the Biodiversity Site protection, we have filled in the form you need to send in (see below). A wildlife survey shows the sections removed as 36% of the biodiversity of the site.

frogWe have filled in the standard form that you need to send in by 5pm this Friday to register your objection to large parts of the Biodiversity Site protection being removed at Craighouse. Please don’t miss the deadline!

Download the form here: ldp_representation_craighouse__ver1__20130612

You can take this form, fill in your name, and send it in to localdevelopmentplan@edinburgh.gov.uk . But it would be much stronger if you could put in your own words that specifically talk about the wildlife that you see at Craighouse and how it would impact you if that wildlife space was no longer protected. It is particularly the following areas that have not been included, that should be included under the Local Biodiversity Site designation:

  • the green space with mature trees around the entrance where the kids play football
  • the green spaces and trees and shrubs around the listed buildings
  • the lush green field next to Queens Craig by the pine trees and look-out point
  • lawn and the area where they want to build a modern block next to Bevan
  • and the carpark area

People should ask for the whole of the “amenity grassland” (that’s the orchard or orchard/lawn to us) to be included. This area has been shown to be of very high biodiversity value, as are areas around buildings which are surrounded and used by bats.

Craighouse is recognised as a unique “mosaic of habitats” which are “exceptional” within the city environment according to the Conservation Area Character Appraisal. The combination of woodland, open space, nearby water (at the pond) and, believe it or not, old buildings is the perfect habitat for bats which are protected species – this is a rare combination and that description is Craighouse. It is hugely important to wildlife and areas like Craighouse are particularly rare and important in an urban environment.

Sorry this is so rushed, we only spotted this change at the last minute and were not warned about the change at all.

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4 Responses to Urgent: Form to send in about Biodiversity protection by 5pm this Friday (14th June)

  1. James Boyle says:

    This is outrageous! Our Craighouse has nurtured wildlife and our children and grandchildren for over a century. What need does this proposal serve? Our lives and our Capial are diminished if we accede to this get-rich-quick scheme that destroys our living and breathing space.

  2. Morag M. macdonald says:

    I am sick to death with the Council ‘s decisions about Craighouse and the total inepetitude of their decisions concerning money over quality of life and preservation of a beautiful site. How many people in the council agreed to the trams? We have another debacle on our hands. Leave Craighouse alone and work out another plan to conserve the old buildings.

  3. Nick Honhold says:

    This proposed change fits too well with the planning application. Its timing, extent and lack of justification, taken together, give a strong impression of an attempt to ease approval of the proposal for building on Craighouse. I struggle to find any other possible reason. It is about time that this was brought to the attention of elected representatives and the local press. I think we should make this point very clearly to the Council as well. Given the recent issues around building repairs, I suspect they may be a bit sensitive to the issue.

  4. rosyb says:

    Thank you all for your comments and I couldn’t agree more. We will keep you updated on any progress or developments on this issue. We are asking tough questions and also undertaking research and hope to find out more about what is going on here and why.

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