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Letter from planners to the developer

The council planners have written a formal letter to the developers and posted it on the council’s planning portal. To make it easier to access (because the portal is a little unreliable) we have copied it here for you to … Continue reading

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Craighouse: Napier Have Serious Questions to Answer on Sale, Support of Proposals and Financial Interest

On Monday, the Friends of Craighouse sent a letter to Dame Professor Joan Stringer, Principal of Napier University, with 8 pages of detailed questions about the sale of Craighouse and about statements that Napier have made since the sale. You … Continue reading

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Last of the second set of exhibitions today

The new exhibitions are on today at Old Craig: Saturday 31st March – 10am-4pm Old Craig, Craighouse Campus, Craighouse Road, Edinburgh EH10 5LG You can go along and see how much they have increased the new-build in their new plans. Look … Continue reading

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Minutes of Meeting with The Craighouse Partnership Jan 26th 2012

We want to thank our members for their patience waiting for the minutes of the meeting we had with The Craighouse Partnership on the 26th Jan. We were hoping to be able to bring you agreed minutes. We have sent … Continue reading

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Mountgrange’s Track Record

The proposed Craighouse development is funded by Mountgrange. Many people in Edinburgh will know Mountgrange because of the failed Caltongate development. While we were out collecting signatures for our petition, someone came up to us and said they had been … Continue reading

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Why has Craighouse been sold to an Offshore Company?

Who really owns Craighouse? You might have thought this should be a simple question. But, like many other simple questions about the apparent proposed development of Craighouse campus, the answer is anything but. For some, this question is irrelevant. What … Continue reading

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Meeting with the Craighouse Partnership

The Friends of Craighouse have opened a dialogue with The Craighouse Partnership by asking them for a meeting so that we could raise concerns for the local community. The Craighouse Partnership agreed to an hour, but were kind enough in … Continue reading

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Can anyone leave the consortium? If LA&P can, why not others?

Yesterday, we learnt that LA&P are no longer part of the Craighouse Partnership. This begs the question, can any of the other companies in the Craighouse Partnership leave the consortium? No explanation has been given of why or how LA&P … Continue reading

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