Last of the second set of exhibitions today

The new exhibitions are on today at Old Craig:

Saturday 31st March – 10am-4pm
Old Craig, Craighouse Campus, Craighouse Road, Edinburgh EH10 5LG

You can go along and see how much they have increased the new-build in their new plans. Look out for the orchard development being higher and larger, the courtyard development has grown to be massive, there is much more new-build on woodland, and more new-build around the existing listed buildings. They also have some new figures for maintenance, some of which they claim are the historic figures, but which are massively larger than the historic figures given to us under freedom of information requests.

We keep being told by the developers that Mountgrange Capital (who went into administration after making grand promises, and highly controversial plans, over their Caltongate scheme) and Mountgrange Investment Management are two completely different companies (apart from having two of the same directors and one member of staff and Mountgrange in their name).

If these two companies are really two completely separate companies, with no other relationship between them, then we want a clear, unambiguous statement to this effect on Mountgrange Investment Management headed paper, signed by a partner. This must repeat the claim made verbally and in writing repeatedly by the partnership: there is no other relationship between the companies other than having two of the same directors and one member of staff and Mountgrange in their name.

I overheard William Gray-Muir telling a prominent local politician that there is existing planning permission on the site. If you get told this, maybe ask for the planning permission in writing. You might find out some interesting information in that document. The report to the planning committee by council officials gives a much more accurate picture of the true planning position.

We will be at the exhibitions at 1pm. If you have questions, you can ask us then.

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3 Responses to Last of the second set of exhibitions today

  1. Arkletten says:

    The courtyard development is massive and really has to go. It hits you in the face the minute you turn in the drive.

  2. andrew0r says:

    It is massive. I think it’s hard to get an impression of how huge it is from the drawings. Looking it on the ground is really shocking. But I think it’s also worth trying to understand the much larger proposed blocks around the old buildings. They look huge.

  3. rosyb says:

    It is extremely disappointing that the amount of new-build – already far too much over protected green open space and woodland – has been increased despite the negative feedback they received from the public at the last exhibitions in Sept. The courtyard dev has gained a new storey, as has the orchard development which has “reduced” (their words) from 3 storeys to…ermm…4.

    There is considerably more newbuild around the listed buildings. So rather than containing newbuild to a discrete area, newbuild is now all over the site, encircling it and destroying the setting of the listed buildings and the fabulous parkland sweep down to the spectaular views beyond.

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