Scotsman Releases Pictures of Excessive New-Build


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Big article in Scotsman today. What can we say? It looks absolutely appalling. Anyone who can justify this level of newbuild all over one of the most beautiful sites in Edinburgh and the most beautiful parts of the site can have no love of this spectacular green site or the listed buildings. Neither can they have respect for the multitude of protections and designations that are being flouted.

Far from listening to the community, the level of new-build has risen. Large blocks around the listed buildings. The orchard has 2 lines of houses and roads all across it. With poor Old Craig completely swamped by an absolutely massive “courtyard” development (apparently, according to William Gray Muir, “to let it breathe”).

It is interesting to note that the developers tune has now changed to actively denigrating the landscape. Is this because they know that anything they do on such a protected area must add to the landscape quality – and they know what they are proposing is exactly the opposite?

They fail to mention the landscape is considered and designated Great Landscape Value and that Napier’s own conservation report written by the partnership’s own architects talked about the importance of the orchard and green space in terms of being the most important parts of the landscape and said these areas “should not change”.

Craighouse is one of the most unspoilt sites and Edinburgh’s seventh hill. It is protected as Open Space in a Conservation Area of Great Landscape Value. The developers are showing no respect for this. And their response to the community concerns, the terrible feedback they received from the last set of exhibitions and the Community Liaision Forum? To increase the level of new-build.

But let me let you judge for yourselves – how can you denigrate this?

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3 Responses to Scotsman Releases Pictures of Excessive New-Build

  1. Marjory Dodd says:

    How can Napier have allowed the buildings to deteriorate to the extent that there are problems with dry rot, especially as they are retaining an interest in the planned development. How will the councillors and candidates react to the developers’ statement today?

  2. Arkletten says:

    Craighouse should be flagged up as an issue at the forthcoming hustings for the Council elections. No candidate should be unaware that getting a suitable resolution is an issue.

    We need to think up questions to put to them.

  3. andrew0r says:

    We do need people to tell politicians about how much they care about this site, and how much damage these *increased* proposals will do to this beautiful green space. We also need them to understand how accepting these plans will impact green spaces across the city. So please contact them! We do have statements from some local politicians here:

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