Views of Craighouse from some strange locations

We have posted up full details of how to object and material planning considerations here for people to make their objections be listened to. Go to link here:

The application for Craighouse contains views of the site from around Edinburgh, showing the impact of the development on the views. Yet, somehow, they manage to miss out Craighouse from almost all the images. Sometimes, the pictures are so wide-angle and so low resolution, that Craighouse is too small to see. But sometimes, the views are taken from some … odd … locations.

For example, the dramatic building against the woodland is highly visible along Myreside – I see it from the car and walking along, all the time. Here is just a quick snap of Craighouse from Myreside that I took yesterday with my camera phone. Hmm. It definitely seems to be there:

View of Craighouse from Myreside

Here is the view of Craighouse from Myreside as put in the developer’s planning application. Whoops. Craighouse has disappeared. Would it help if they took a few steps down the road?

View of Craighouse from Myreside according to The Craighouse Partnership

I’m not sure what anyone reading the views analysis from the Craighouse Partnership in their planning application is supposed to make of it.


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1 Response to Views of Craighouse from some strange locations

  1. grahamatfriends says:

    The developers have forgotten to add all the extra traffic into their proposed version !

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