Sundial’s track record of listed buildings conversion

We have stated to the Craighouse Partnership that if we put anything inaccurate on this webite that we are happy to correct or remove it if they let us know. We have been contacted by William Gray Muir of Sundial about our summary of the minutes in the last post and our assessment that  Leslie House – the beautiful Georgian house and grounds which was tragically gutted by fire in 2009 – was the only comparable development to Craighouse we could find.

We would like to make it very clear that when we said this we were specifically referring to Leslie House because it is the only example of enabling development we can find in the partnership’s past projects.

As the Partnership are demanding that the Local Plan be overturned for the sake of their wish for enabling development – this point is very important.

We are not in any way trying to undermine Sundial’s track record in listed building conversions in the New Town. They obviously have a lot of success in this area including: 15-17 Carlton Terrace , 22/23 Abercromby Place, 64-67 Queen Street, 27-29 Queen Street, 24/25 Abercromby Place, 2,3,4 Carlton Terrace, 7,8,9 Rothesay Place.

They have also completed projects at Leith Hospital, Brunswick House and North Castle Street and have a number of projects almost completed this year.

So, we would like to apologise to William Gray Muir if we were not clear enough or gave the impression of not acknowledging his expertise in this area. I believe that the minutes themselves do indeed acknowledge these points in a lot of detail and our initial note of the meeting on the 26th  also brought this to the fore.



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