Another…wait for it…468 signatures!

What can I say, everyone? An absolutely terrific result this week from the stall and from people handing petitions in to us and other volunteers going door to door.

We are now up to 2043 signatures! Absolutely brilliant. I take my hat off to you all and let’s keep up the good work – let’s aim for smashing through the 3000 mark next. Please download petitions from this website and invite your family and friends and anyone who cares about the site and the impact on Edinburgh’s green space to sign. Then email and we can arrange to pick it up from you or you can drop it in to the next meeting.

Thanks so much! We really appreciate all your efforts. Every contribution helps.

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3 Responses to Another…wait for it…468 signatures!

  1. Johnny Munro says:

    I had my first spliff up there – Please leave it alone.

  2. rosyb says:

    Ah! Perhaps one for the Our Craighouse memory section eh? 😉

  3. Johnny Munro says:

    I love Craighouse. It´s my favourite place in Edinburgh. Not just for smoking joints. Although it was great stuff. Cheers D Scott

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