Another 364 signatures!

We only did half a day on the stall this Sat, but were able to add a another 364 signatures to the petition, bringing the total collected so far to a fantastic 1,575 signatures in just 3 weeks! Big thanks to everyone and all our new volunteers this week!

You’re all brilliant – thank you so much!

It was an interesting day on the stall on Saturday. Public awareness has increased significantly, and many people approached us with similar comments to the woman who came up saying, “oh I know about this, I’m appalled by the developers proposals, where do I sign?”.

We also had some rather interesting encounters with people who later turned out to be property development consultants…perhaps there was someone from the Craighouse Partnership there? 🙂 Of course, if there was, Friends of Craighouse Grounds and Wood are delighted to engage with all.

The rest of the day we distributed petitions in shops and other establishments.

Please please please support our local shops as it makes all the different in terms of a lively centre for our local community and a sense of relationship with the place you live. And because they are generally great! We will be listing them in due course in the supporters section of the website to give a big thank you to them and to let you know where to go and sign.

Lastly, we popped our petition into Paws Here, a small animal rescue on Comiston Road. Many people are unaware that there are so many rabbits and guinea-pigs available for rehoming there – or that so many get given up to rescue every year. If you are thinking of buying a rabbit or guineapig for your kids, please consider whether you want to buy live animals and add to that trade, rather than helping a rescue rabbit in need. Paws Here are overflowing with lovely small pets that need new homes.

We met several lovely guinea-pigs and gorgeous rabbits out having their daily exercise so anyone thinking of purchasing one – take a look there first –  they are all lovely and if I could be sure my dog wouldn’t be looking up recipes for bunny pie, I’d have given one a home myself.

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