Community Council Site Visit

Community Councils' site visit

In a further update of our productive engagement with local Community Councils, on Thursday 27 October, Friends Of  Craighouse led representatives from Craiglockhart, Morningside and Merchiston Community Councils on a fact finding tour of the Craighouse Campus.

All areas proposed for development by the Craighouse Partnership were identified and visited, using the map from the Craighouse Partnership website.

Community Council representatives were extremely interested to see the site for themselves, and everyone left with a greater appreciation of the magnitude
of proposed development and the potential impacts on this very sensitive site.

Friend of Craighouse, Graham, commented, “Visiting the site and viewing all areas proposed for development was a very valuable exercise. We were all able to visualise how things may look and you simply can’t get that kind of appreciation from a map. I have to admit that, despite being a recreational user of the site on a daily basis, even I
hadn’t realised the full extent or scale of the proposals. The potential loss
of access, public space, views, and destruction of the setting for the GRADE A
listed buildings is alarming”.

We would like to thank the representatives of the three Community Councils for giving their time to gain a greater understanding of the proposals, the issues and the site itself.

We found this to be a very valuable exercise and will be repeating it for our members and other representatives over the coming weeks and recommend it to anyone interested to get a better sense of the proposed development.

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