Thanks to everyone who came today!

Protest on the path

Thanks to everyone who turned up today. We estimate about 300 people turned up. Here are a couple of the great photos we got today. Special thanks to all the children with the amazing signs. They looked fabulous.

This photo gives you an idea of all the people who came:

A long crowd of people on the path

Our final picture is of Rosy with her flash-mob of campaigners:

Rosy and her flash-mob

These photos will be very helpful in highlighting local support for keeping the site beautiful. We have lots of great pictures. If you took some pictures, please send them in. We will release some of them later to highlight just how many incredible places and views there are in Craighouse.

Look out for a photo in the Evening News over the next few days.


About friendsofcraighouse

A local group wanting to preserve the beautiful Craighouse Campus site in Edinburgh.
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