Save Our Beautiful Craighouse Video – and How to Object (Only hours left)

Here is a very short film about Craighouse showing the site, why it’s so loved and some of what’s proposed plus interviews with residents and how to object. Please watch and pass it on – it’s only 4 mins!

The music was free from the net and is called Compatibility and was composed by Michael Kakhia, part of Acoustic Guitar Vol 11, 2011.

Thanks to all the lovely people who helped with this. If you were interviewed and didn’t make the final cut – it’ll be our fault not yours (as clueless amateurs a lot of our footage suffered from the interference of buffeting wind noise, making them slightly less than pleasant to listen to. )

We Have Only Days Left to Object – DEADLINE 16th JAN

Our advice on objections is just to write what you can in your own words – we have put together a basic guide to material planning considerations here and including as many as you can will help your objection to count in planning terms which is really important.

Please remember to include your name and address and the Reference number.

If friends and family put in separate emails – these will count as separate objections (one letter signed by 10 people will be only counted as one objection sadly, whereas putting in separate emails and letters – even if the same text – will count).

Remember a short objection is better than no objection, so if you want to help those who want to object but aren’t sure how to write in terms of material planning considerations you are welcome to copy and paste the paragraph below – or adapt it to your own uses. And add anything else you want to say.

Example Objection:

“Ref: 12/04007/FUL Craighouse Campus

Dear Emma Wilson

I am writing to object in the strongest terms to the proposed newbuild development at Craighouse campus. This is a highly protected and beautiful site and development here is contrary to its designation as an Area of Great Landscape Value, Open Space in a Conservation Area, nationally protected setting of Category-A listed buildings, and as a Local Nature Conservation Site. The whole site is a candidate for Special Landscape Area (SLA) in the new Local Plan which is due to be adopted in a few years.

This site is not designated for development in the Edinburgh Local Plan and is indeed contrary to the Edinburgh and Lothians Structure Plan, the Edinburgh City Local Plan, National Planning Policies and local policy documents.

The newbuild is totally out of keeping with the conservation area character and involve a substantial loss of protected woodland and Open Space and amenity. It spoils the setting of the Listed Buildings – which is protected by national policy and spoils views. The 6-7 storey apartment blocks will ruin the spectacular vistas and views in and out of the site,  for which the site is famous, and will also ruin the setting of Category-A listed Old Craig  which is protected by national policy. It will also destroy the green space where children play football. The other development sites will ruin the setting of Category-A Listed Buildings, spoil views from Blackford hill and the north and spoil the natural feel through to the Right of Way on what is a loved nature site and protected green site.

The extra cars, traffic and newbuild properties will destroy the natural feel of the site as well as putting an untenable strain on local roads and schools, which are already at capacity.   All new development is contrary to the protections on this site and 7 development areas on this protected site is clearly very excessive. There is no justification for destroying habitat and chopping down over 80 protected trees on a site that is supposed to be a Local Nature Conservation Site, Habitat of European and National Protected Species. I don’t accept that this public loss and the overturning of so many policies and protections is justified just for a developer to make extra profits. This  would create a very unwelcome and worrying precedent for other protected and special sites in the city.”


Then email to

You may also write snail mail or use the planning portal: address and instructions are on this link along with more advice and information on How to Object :

Please don’t let this:

beautiful old craig2

Turn into this:

massive apartment blocksnapierfill

Craighouse is a special site. It is one of only 8 Areas of Great Landscape Value in the whole Edinburgh area – along with the Hermitage of Braid, Blackford Hill, Arthur’s Seat and the Botanical Gardens. Please object for the sake of Craighouse, the seven hills and for the special places and landscapes of Edinburgh.

Thanks so much!

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