Bats at Craighouse – The Movie

We’ve been talking about our video of bats at Craighouse and finally managed to get it ready for your viewing pleasure.

Don’t expect David Attenborough standards, but we are quite chuffed with this as it’s not at all easy to film bats as they are both super fast and super agile in the air.

Here they are feeding on insects on the orchard/meadow (you can see from the way they are swooping and twisting) and also some footage of them feeding near New Craig – the Council is trying to remove both the green open areas opposite, next to or around the Listed buildings, the open green space with trees at the entrance of the site where the children pay and large sections of the meadow from the nature designation in the new Local Plan (the whole meadow and orchard would have no wildlife designation despite it being a place where migrant birds feed, kestrels and sparrowhawks are regularly sighted and bats feed). Indeed, they have redrawn the boundaries of the Local Biodiversity Site designation so that most of the areas where the Craighouse Partnership want to build would no longer be covered by this important wildlife designation. We will keep you informed on this and any development to do with the designation business. In the meantime here they are for you to see!

Update  – oops, I posted the wrong film. It’s Craighouse bats but without the cool music and the shots of bats round the buildings. I’ve swapped it and hope I have the right one in now – complete with eery soundtrack and bats and buildings footage.

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