Spring is in the Air

frogCame across this little fella (fellowette?) on the path near the tennis courts traveling towards Craiglockhart pond to breed. Each year these plucky amphibians undertake a mammoth journey to get back to their breeding pool where they were born. I even encountered one  coming down off the hill in the dusk near the Craighouse listed buildings’ Queens Craig – heading Craiglockhart Pond way. I very nearly stood on him/her.

This one saw my trainer hovering midair and did this (froze) whilst I bounced about on one leg to avoid a collision. A few minutes later he/she was still pretending to be a bit of green paint or a suspciously frog-shaped stick.  Here s/he is again still rooted to the spot:frog spring 2013-2
They are fun to see out and about, but keep an eye out for them across the site at the moment  –  because it would be very sad for anyone to step on one.

And wish them luck on the final lap of their long journey!

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