Deadline for additional comments of objection is 5th April

The planning department have said people have until the 5th April to put in further comments and objections on the new information. Here is our analysis on further docs submitted.

Remember – the plans have not changed so the planning department have said that your objections will all still be valid. However, if any of you didn’t manage to get your objection in for the last deadline – this is an opportunity to submit one now. You may also want to put in further comments of objection in addition to your original objection.

We will be putting in additional comments of objection to add to our original objection letter. If you put in additional comments we advise you make sure that you put a note to say that your original objection still stands and this is additional to your original objection.

A big concern is the continuing lack of proper financial information to justify the newbuild.  The developers have failed to prove the need for the new build or that it constitutes an “enabling development” under the guidelines the planning department are using.  So, we advise people people who can, to include the following in any further comments of objection you may have:

“The developer has failed to prove that the newbuild constitutes Enabling Development or that it is the minimum required. They have failed to show that the development is not viable without newbuild, let alone the excessive newbuild contained in these plans. Proper, detailed financial information must be released to the public including the conservation deficit calculation which should relate to the site, not the developer, and therefore cannot be considered commercially sensitive. This comment is in addition to my original objection which still stands.”

Add:   Craighouse campus Application nos: 12/04007/FUL and 12/04007/ LBC and include your  Name and Address and Date.

SEND TO: and add a second email address to be sure.

Please cc the friends at Friendsofcraighouse (at) (Note,  insert “at” sign – we have to write it that way to avoid spammers). And also anyone else you wish to include like politicians and Community Councils. Details on our menu bar.

You may also submit your objection through the planning portal

  • Google Edinburgh planning portal
  •  put “Craighouse” in the search box
  • you will see a list -the applications you want are 12/04007/FUL for the newbuild and 12/04007/LBC for the Listed Building Consent.
  • We suggest you copy your objection in to both applications.

Here are some material planning considerations to include. Check out Alison Johnstone MSP’s letter for a very clear and comprehensive objection letter.

The deadline for new objections is 5th April (note not 29th March as previously stated on the planning portal) for both the Full Planning Consent and the Listed Building Consent. (See link on our analysis of docs for more on the Listed Building Consent and how to object)

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