Pictures: Part One (More to Come)

Ok so we’re looking at:

  • 8 development sites all around the site
  • East side of the lawn – houses on protected Open Space – new build development, gardens and roads
  • A sprawling modern housing development across the carpark, green space, and woodland (examples of kinds of houses below) but this has also crept up the green space taking a bit of the bottom of the lawn – therefore we are left with a “squashed” lawn/orchard (see below)
  • These two meet each other (see below) meaning that the panoramic vista will be foregrounded almost entirely by newbuild development
  • an 8 storey modern “tower” block of flats where the Learning Resource Centre is – about twice the height of what’s there already
  • Another block of flats in a modern office style nr Bevan
  • Large modern building (see pic of Kings Craig below) opposite New Craig
  • Newbuild around the listed buildings – numerous units.
  • The boilerhouse villas are still there but called North Craig and might have changed a bit (see pic below)
  • 6 houses adding onto Craiglea Place (pic below)

Here is the roads plan – you can see clearly on this one how the orchard and green space have been squashed and a lot of the Eastern side of the lawns have been taken for newbuild and the path that goes around the side is now a big road. Many of the design documents pictures are very bad quality with a lot of things veering off the edge of the picture or so fuzzy they are almost impossible to see properly – particularly any pictures dealing with the houses on the lawn. It is obvious they are built on the lawn there. We will try our best to do our best to get the most viewable of those pictures in the next couple of days – but it ain’t easy. If you would like to view them go to the design and access statements on the Edinburgh planning portal:


There has been a lot of attention on the 8-storey block of flats on the hill where the learning resource centre is. But I wanted to show you some of the rest of the houses to give you a sense of  some of the buildings on the rest of the development sites – the sprawling housing development that will dominate the entrance and take green space, woodland and encroaches up the lawn, the extension to Craiglea Place and some of the stuff round the listed buildings. Tomorrow I will try and get a few more pics for you.

For the moment, a reminder of why the site is so special:

beautiful craighouse

extension of Craiglea Place

Large building opposite new craig on green space and woodland

the infamous boilerhouse villas – not sure if this has changed or not

a 4 storey house

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3 Responses to Pictures: Part One (More to Come)

  1. Sandra Small says:

    Looks horrendous – so ugly.

  2. Malcolm Reid says:

    My goodness there are some ugly buildings in there.

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