A Big Shout Out to our Local Shops and Businesses

A picture of our doughty petition table

Friends Of Craighouse are thrilled by the amount of support   from local businesses who are displaying our posters or acting as petition points.

We would like to recognise this tremendous effort by publicly thanking them, so many many thanks go to :

Bennets Bar, Maxwell Street

The Clock Cafe & Bistro, Morningside Road

The Zulu Lounge South African Cafe, Morningside Road

Rymers Vet, Morningside Road

Caffe e Cuccina, Italian Restaurant & Coffee Shop, Morningside Road

Doyles Newsagent, Comiston Road

New Xian Chinese Carry Out, Comiston Road

The Evening News Shop and General Store, Comiston Road

Margiotta Food & Wine Store, Comiston Road

Leaf & Bean Cafe / Restaurant, Comiston Road

Vino Wines, Comiston Road

The Waiting Room Pub & Restaurant, Belhaven Terrace

Craiglockhart Post Office, Colinton Road (Craiglockhart Shops )

Sugarcube Cafe, Colinton Road (Craiglockhart Shops )

If you have not already signed our petition, you can pop into any of these places to do so.

Local shops and businesses are a really important part of our local community life and we’d like to encourage everyone to support them in turn.

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1 Response to A Big Shout Out to our Local Shops and Businesses

  1. Jenni Jones says:

    well done to them all!

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