Pledges of Commitment and Support from Our Politicians and National Organisations

Craighouse is an issue that will affect green space all over the city. It is a cross party issue, so we are delighted to have received the following statements of support from Local Councillors and we will be putting these on a permanent page on the website and adding to them as we talk to politicians and interested organisations.

We have support from the Greens (Alison Johnstone and Melanie Main), Conservatives (Mark McInnes) and Labour (Andrew Burns and Paul Godzik). We would like to thank them very much for their support. We expect to be able announce further quotes of support soon.

Alison Johnstone MSP, Scottish Green Party Councillor for Meadows & Morningside

“This is an important historic Edinburgh site of city-wide significance. The open green space and woodlands of Craighouse have been used by the local and wider Edinburgh community for generations and it is essential to preserve public amenity and ensure that current levels of access are maintained, not eroded. The quite excessive amount of new-build being proposed would destroy amenity and result in a massive increase in residential traffic for the area, as well as having grave implications for green space across the city. I support the Friends of Craighouse in their campaign to protect the green space and woodland of this important site against new-build development.”

Councillor Mark McInnes Conservative Councillor for Meadows & Morningside

“I would reassure the public of my own support for retaining the full community access to this important site that has been enjoyed for decades. It is clear that the current plans do not address the concerns of local residents and users of Craighouse. I will prioritise this issue, one of the largest planning applications in the area for many years. I am personally committed to protecting the green space and woodland and am not convinced by the need for the proposed new build development. I am also opposed to the proposed access from Craiglea Place.”

Councillor Andrew Burns, Labour, Craiglockhart and Fountainbridge Councillor Paul Godzik, Labour, Meadows and Morningside

“Councillors Paul Godzik and Andrew Burns support Friends of Craighouse in their campaign and are committed to preserving the protected green Open Space and woodland of Craighouse Campus from development, and to retaining free public access to this beautiful historic site so that it can continue to be enjoyed as an amenity by the local community and the people of Edinburgh.”

Alison Johnstone, Rosy from the Friends and Melanie Main at Craighouse

Melanie Main, Scottish Green Party spokesperson for Meadows & Morningside and Candidate for Meadows and Morningside

“The Craighouse developers intend to build new houses on one of Edinburgh’s famous seven hills.  This beautiful space is important for the health and well-being of local residents and for many people from all over the city who come to enjoy the walks and protected views.   If significant parts of the woodland and walks were destroyed or turned into access roads it would to destroy the unique character of this landscape.   The effect of additional estimated 400 cars on the quiet residential roads in the area will be very serious. If the Council were to permit building across protected Green Space in a Conservation Area there could be very serious implications for Edinburgh’s other protected spaces and conservation areas. I await with interest to see the developers’ final planning proposals but I believe that it is paramount that the principles of protecting Green Space, put in place for good reason, are upheld.”

Graham and Tana from The Friends take the Woodland Trust on site tour: the threatened orchard

Statement of support for the Friends from the UK-wide organisation, The Woodland Trust:

“WoodWatch supports and advises the Friends of Craighouse campaign to help protect the woods and trees that are important to them.  The Craighouse campus is highly valued by the local community, providing green space for recreation and a place for wildlife in a busy city.

WoodWatch is a campaign run by the Woodland Trust to give local communities the voice to protect the trees that are important to them. As well as being visually attractive, trees have a myriad of benefits – they are particularly valuable in urban areas for their ability to clean the air, trap dust, prevent flooding, and absorb noise. We believe a UK rich in woods and trees is vital and we support local campaigns that are working to achieve this.”  (The Woodland Trust)

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2 Responses to Pledges of Commitment and Support from Our Politicians and National Organisations

  1. Good but lets keep the pressure on so they dont slither off and change their minds after May?

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