The Woodland Trust Supports the Friends

A magnificent beech at Craighouse in full autumn colour

We are delighted to announce that we have the support of the Woodland Trust who will be supporting the Friends, are providing a statement and have offered to promote the work of the group on their social media sites to help raise the profile of our work.

From the Woodland Trust:  ‘The Trust is keen to see as much woodland access as possible to allow the public to pursue quiet informal recreation.  Woods, and the trees that make up a vital component of them, are essential to life. They have a myriad of different benefits for both wildlife and people. The almost magical, mystical quality of woods makes them a great place for relaxation. They inspire our imaginations and our creativity.  A world without trees and woods would be barren and bare.’ 

City of Edinburgh Council say in their Tree Protection Planning Charter:

‘Edinburgh has one of the most spectacular landscapes of any British city, and its woodlands and trees play a major part in that character…Woodlands, trees and hedgerows are important features contributing to landscape quality, local amenity and nature conservation value, and their retention may be crucial to the maintenance of that quality in a range of settings…Trees help to define the character of a locality, and contribute to the attraction of places for people to live and work.  They can modify local climate, reduce noise, filter pollution from the air and reduce harmful UV solar radiation.  They provide important wildlife habitats.  Some have historical associations or significance or are local landmarks…In recognition of their importance, Local Authorities have specific powers to protect trees by making Tree Preservation Orders.  Protection is also given to trees within Conservation Areas.’

There is extensive woodland at Craighouse, and also beautiful mature trees around the  campus, an historic orchard, and important memorial trees on the site, that mean a lot to local people.

The trees in Craighouse grounds are within a conservation area – an area that is also designated of Great Landscape Value. Friends are campaigning to preserve the green Open Space and woodland of this spectacular site from the threat of extensive new-build development, and we welcome the support of the Woodland Trust and thank them.

Please check out the Woodland Trust website here.

Historic orchard - apple trees in full fruit

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